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Checking MICs against the casualty lists I am struggling with a couple of Corps, namely

Royal Irish Rgt/Royal Irish Rifles

Are they different or should they all be Rifles. RIR – Rgt or Rifles?

Similarly should all Royal Scots be Fusiliers or are they as they should be?

Royal Scots/Royal Scots Fusiliers. And how about Royal Fusiliers?

Also 81 TRB – what should that come under? [44733 Adamson, J. Cannot locate MIC]

EDIT: To add RF

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The Royal Irish Regiment and The Royal Irish Rifles are two different regiments.

The Royal Irish Regiment was the old 18th Foot and was disbanded in 1922. The Royal Irish Rifles was the old 83rd and 86th Foot, who were linked in 1881, to form the Royal Irish Rifles; the Regiment was re-named the Royal Ulster Rifles in 1920.

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I seem to think the Royal Irish Rifles became a bit of a hotchpotch. All the Jersey (Channel Islands) volunteers

became part of the Royal Irish Rifles, my dad being one of them.


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Thanks all. Chris, that is a very helpful list - never knew it existed [no excuse, I know]

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Hello Diane

The battalions of the Training Reserve did not go abroad as units, although men were posted from them to other units serving abroad.

If your man only served in the UK he would probably not have become entitled to the usual medals (BWM and VM), so that would explain the absence of an index card.

Just to confuse everyone, the three remaining (northern) Irish regiments were amalgamated to form the Royal Irish Rangers, who later amalgamated with the Ulster Defence Regiment - a Territorial unit - to form the Royal Irish Regiment!


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Thanks Ron. *am confuzzled already*

J Adamson was admitted to 26 Gen Hosp Etaples in May 1917 and there are 1,305 results on TNA for Adamson :blink:

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