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WW1 Lists of ASC men with promotions


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+ MODS: not sure if I am permitted to post details of active eBay lots - I have absolutely no connection with these items or the seller, but feel free to Delete this if it breaks Forum rules! +


My standard eBay search for items KRRC recently threw up an item of some 90+ letters from the 1950s and 1960s between two Great War ASC veterans - 318229 WO11 Thomas Tacey ASC and S/19238 St QMS Richard Clayton MBE, DCM, MID.

One of the men seems to have had a connection with the KRRC 1st Cadet Btn which is why I found the item with my KRRC search.

Reason I am posting here though is that the lot description mentions that "there are also typed and handwritten lists of men from the ASC in WW1 with dates of promotion etc." which could be gold dust to an ASC specialist.

I don't think it would be right to put a live link here, but the lot is titled:

90+ letters about military matters- ASC/KRRC-WW1

If you search eBay for that, it should be easy to find. The item closes 01-Jun-09 12:31:01 BST so you don't have long.



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