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ASC prefixes


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Is there any significance in an ASC man not having a prefix to his number?

I have one relative numbered with no number prefix but he still drew an appreciable "specialist" payment.

He was in a labour company if this is of any relevance.

Did ASC labour companies have prefixes?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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Can I suggest a pm to forum member Ron Clifton? I've looked through a few posts on ASC prefixes hoping to pass on information but can't help with your specific query. However, I have noted Ron posting on the ASC numbering topic a few times and he may well be able to answer.


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Those in ASC Labour coys bore the prefix SS, but |Ron will probably be able to shed more light.

Charles M

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In the early part of the war local identity numbers were given to certain ASC personnel owing to their being drafted or detatched for duty before regimental numbers were alloted. These temporary numbers were associated with categories:

SL - Labour Category - correct prefix SS (Supply Specials and Labour) Special Enlistments

An Army Order of 4th August 1914 authorized ASC Labour Companies of 536 all ranks, consisting of five sections under a subaltern. A number of Foremen and Gangers were specially enlisted in August, September and October to be Sergeants (36) and Corporals (60) in these new Labour Companies, and they were paid ordinary rates of pay, with Corps pay if issuable. The first company arrived at Le Harve on 26th August. The ASC Labour Companies were transferred into the newly formed Labour Corps in mid summer 1917.


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Mike Young's book Army Service Corps 1902-1918 might also give some help.

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The man enlisted in 1914, the only attestation papers I have seen "signed" with a thumb print and a cross. he remaianed a Private from enlistment ot discharge.

He was entitled to specialist pay although there is nothing to say what this was for. His "trade" on joining is given as a labourer. He died in 1919, cancer of the throat aggrevated by war service.

He had a number of children and was awarded a total disablement pension of 27 shillings a week for 6 months from his date of discharge but died less than 3 months after this was awarded.

Thanks for your help - much appreciated.

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