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Bantam Soldier?


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Hi there

Can anyone help me identify the regiment this soldier belonged to please? He was from Glasgow, Scotland and known to be a small man in his later years so is it possible he was with a bantam regiment?




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Dear Julie,

The complete list of Bantam Battalions was as follows: 15th & 16th [service] Battalions, The Cheshire Regiment; 17th [Rosebury] Bn, The Royal Scots [Lothian Regiment]; 14th [West of England] Bn, The Gloucestershire Regiment; 17th & 18th [1st & 2nd SE Lancashire] Bns [raised at Bury] and 20th [4th Salford] Bn, The Lancashire Fusiliers; 23rd [8th City] Bn The Manchester Regiment; 17th [2nd Leeds] Bn The Prince of Wales’s Own [West Yorkshire Regiment]; 19th [2nd County] Bn The Durham Light Infantry; 18th [4th Glasgow] Bn The Highland Light Infantry and the 15th Bn [raised at Nottingham] The Sherwood Foresters [Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment].

So it would seem that the likely possibilities would be The Royal Scots [Lothian Regiment] or 18th [4th Glasgow] Bn The Highland Light Infantry.

Hope that helps,

Dave Swarbrick

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The 14th H.L.I. were also a bantam battalion and I'm guessing he is H.L.I.

Do you know his name?


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Just a small point Dave but you wouldn't wish to annoy the Northumbrians & Staffs. would you? :o


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A Scottish Regiment certainly but not Highland. HLI has to be a high probability. By the way, to be in a Bantam battalion he would be under 5'3". Lots of small men were able to serve in ordinary battalions when the minimum height dropped to that.

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