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Workman War Memorial by SR Praegor


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Just visited The Thompson Dock and Pump house at Titanic Quarter, Belfast referred to as the Titanic Dock. This was where RMS Titanic was fitted out. On the Pump house building discovered the Workman, Clark and Co War Memorial 1919. It was commissioned by Frank Workman, a Ship building tycoon, in memory of his son Edward Workman MC, 5th Royal Irish Rifles and over 120 men from the shipyard who died during the war. It was originally located within the Workman, Clarke Shipyard and was unveiled by Sir Edward Carson MP in 1919. After the yard closed in 1935 it was moved to the pump house. The memorial is the work of renowned Northern Ireland artist Sophia Rosamond Praeger (1867-1954). The design consists of a terracotta portrait profile of Edward flanked by the names of the men from the shipyard who also died. It is now protected by a plastic cover and is described as a work of considerable cultural and historical significance. Restorative works are planned in the future.


Current location


Original in 1919

I can recommend a visit to this location see link http://www.titanicsdock.com

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This is a list of names in bold text which appear on the Left column of the memorial. Due to damage and weathering of the stone some or marked with question marks as text cannot be interpreted. The text following the entry is the closest interpretation of the nearest name match using CWGC and Journey of Remembering. If anyone can add or further interpretate you are most welcome to assist. These men would have all been former shipyard workers.

? McKinstry Sgt 8th RIR - Maybe? - James McKinstry Sgt 15th RIR 327, Died 26/03/18, Panel 74-76 Pozieres Memorial.

M Stevenson Sgt 14th RIR - Maybe? - Aubrey Stevenson Sgt 14th RIR 17012, Died 01/07/16, Pier/Face 15a-15b Thiepval

Robt Swann Sgt 14th RIR - Robt Swann Sgt 14th RIR 13678, Died 12/04/18, 285 Sains-du-Nord

? Nicholl Sgt 15th RIR - Maybe? - William Nicholl Cpl 15th RIR 'B' Coy 13358, Aged 23, 27 Legane St, Belfast, Died 01/07/16, Thiepval

Son of Agnes Cunningham Nicholl & late William Nicholl

? Pelan Cpl RGA – Wm James Pelan Cpl RGA 48110, 'X' 49th Trench Mortar Battery, Awarded DCM, Died 29/09/16, Lonsdale, Authuile.

? Sutherland L/Cpl 1st RIR - E Sutherland L/Cpl 1st RIR 7655, Aged 28, Shankill Rd, Belfast, Died 01/07/16, Aveluy. Son of late Edward

Sutherland, husband of Mary Sutherland, 1 Lisbon St, Belfast.

? McIlroy L/Cpl 2nd RIR - Wm McIlroy L/Cpl 2nd RIR 9223 'C'Coy, Aged 31, 31 Aberdeen St, Belfast, Died 16/06/15, Addenda Panel 57 Menin Gate, Ypres. Son of late Wm McIlroy & husband of Elizabeth.

? Henry Robinson L/Cpl 6th RIR – James Henry Robinson L/Cpl 6th RIR 10677, Aged 17, Chief Fire Station, Belfast, Died 10/08/15, Helles.

Son of William James & Sarah Robinson

? H Ashe L/Cpl 10th RIR – Maybe? - W G Ashe Rfm 10th RIR 16157, Died 01/07/16, I. C. 37 Connaught, Aveluy.

? Montgomery L/Cpl 2nd Seaforths - Alex Montgomery L/Cpl 2nd Seaforths S/40511, Age 18, 59 Dundee St, Belfast, Died 03/05/17, Bay 8 Arras. Son of Johnston and Elizabeth Montgomery.

John? Palmer Pte 1st RIR – Maybe? – John Palmer Sgt 8014 1st RIR, Age 30, 73 Glasgow St, Belfast, died 28/10/1915, II. B. 37 Sailly-Sur-La-Lys Canadian Cemetery. Husband of Agnes Palmer.

Hugh? Weir Rfm 2nd RIR - Hugh Weir Rfm 2nd RIR 5797, 31 Linwood St, Belfast, Died 09/07/16, Pozieres, Ovillers.

David? McIroy Pte 2nd RIR - David McIroy Rfm 2nd RIR 1506, Age 19, 11 St Paul's St, Belfast, Died 30/07/18, I. B. 24 Ploegsteert.

James? McIroy Pte 2nd RIR - James McIroy Rfm 2nd RIR 8634, Died 27/04/15, Voormezeele.

? Fryers Pte 2nd RIR - William Fryers Rfm 2nd RIR 7567, Age 33, 36 Upp Moville St, N'Ards, Died 11/04/18, II. B. 3. Haringhe, Bandaghem.

Son of Agnes & late Robert Fryers, husband of Elizabeth Fryers.

? Martin Pte 2nd RIR – Thomas Martin Rfm 2nd RIR 6847, 20/09/14, la ferta-sous-jouarre.

? McAllister Pte 2nd RIR – Wm McAllister Rfm 2nd RIR 'A' Coy 8994, Age 25, 31 Emerson Row, Belfast, Died 21/09/14, la ferta-sous-jouarre.

John? McMinn Pte 3rd RIR – John McMinn Rfm 3rd RIR 8181, Died 13/03/15, le Touquet-Paris Plage.

? Duff Pte 4th RIR - Wm Duff Rfm 4th RIR 6607 'C' Coy, Age 21, 45 Gertrude St, Belfast, Died 08/05/15, Div Coll' Post Cem. Son of David & Catherine Duff.

Thom? Atkinson Rfm 8th RIR - Thomas Atkinson Rfm 8th RIR 184, Died 02/07/16, Pier/Face 15a-15b Thiepval.

? Turkington Rfm 8th RIR - WmTurkington Rfm 8th RIR 14607, Died 02/07/16, Pier/Face 15a-15b Thiepval.

Arthur Wright Rfm 8th RIR - Arthur Wright Rfm 8th / 9th RIR 12466, Age 37, Died 02/07/16, Pier/Face 15a-15b Thiepval. Husband of Margaret Wright of 28 Holmscroft St., Greenock, Renfrewshire.

Robt? Lough Pte 8th RIR - Robert Lough Rfm 8th RIR 13036, Died 02/07/16, H41Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart.

Andrew Hamilton Pte 8th RIR - Andrew Hamilton Rfm 8th RIR 8/3127, Died 17/08/17, IV.A.3. New Irish Farm.

John? Crossan Pte 9th RIR - John Crossan Rfm 9th RIR 14221, Died 02/07/16, Pier/Face 15a-15b Thiepval.

David? Fell Pte 9th RIR - David Fell Pte 15th RIR 14594 att 107th Trench Mortar Battery, Age 23, Son of Thomas & Helen Fell, 20 Hanna St, Belfast. Died 29/03/1918, Panel 74 - 76. Pozieres Memorial.

George? Burns Pte 9th RIR - George Burns Rfm 9th RIR 14042, Age 34, 23 Nile St, Belfast, Died 01/07/16, Pier/Face 15a-15b Thiepval.

Husband of Ellen Burns.

David? Hopkins Pte 9th RIR - David Hopkins Rfm 9th RIR 16555, Died 01/07/16, Pier/Face 15a-15b Thiepval.

? Young Pte 9th RIR - Maybe? - J Young Cpl 9th RIR 13929, Died 03/01/16, II. G. 1. Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Colincamps.

? Bothwell Pte 9th RIR - T Bothwell Rfm 9th RIR 154, Died 04/06/16, Authuile Military Cemetery.

Robt? Dowey Pte 9th RIR – No details found.

? McCallum Pte 10th RIR - J McCallum Rfm 10th RIR 15342, Died 24/11/15, III.E.7. Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Colincamps.

? Craig Pte 10th RIR – Maybe? - David Craig Rfm 10th RIR 10/4305, Died 15/08/16, III.A.8. Ration Farm (La Plus Douve) Annex OR….

W Craig Rfm 10th RIR 19417, Died 16/12/14, B3 240 Dundonald.

? Stewart Rfm 13th RIR – WILLIAM Stewart Rfm 13th RIR 163, Age 20, 112 Ravenhill Rd, Belfast, Died 16/08/17, Tyne Cot. Son of John Alexander Stewart and Sarah Stewart or R Stewart 13th R.I.R 17014, Died 01/07/16, X.A.5. AIF Cemetery Flers.

? Mercer Rfm 13th RIR – Thomas Mercer Rfm 13th RIR 16841, Age 34, Culcavey, Hillsborough, Died 28/06/16, I.A.1. Martinsart.

Husband of Margaret Mercer.

Robt? Johnston Pte 14th RIR – Robert John Johnston Rfm 14th RIR 17985, Age 24, 15 Century St, Belfast, Died 01/07/16, Pier/Face 15a-15b Thiepval. Son of Thomas Johnston.

John? Harte Pte 14th RIR – John Harte Rfm 14th RIR 17842, Age 18, 17 Kyle St, Belfast, Died 01/07/16, Pier/Face 15a-15b Thiepval. Son of Robert & Sarah Hart.

? Baird Pte 14th RIR – Maybe two possibles? - John Cleland Baird Rfm 14th RIR 14/17166, Age 22, Died 17/02/17, I.O.1. Berks Com. Ext. Son of James and Sarah Baird, Belfast. OR…. W Baird Rfm 14th RIR 11682, Died 21/05/17, I.J.1. Dranoutre Military Cemetery.

Robt? Henderson Rfm 15th RIR – R Henderson Rfm 15th RIR 11682, Died 08/07/16, B1 Caudry Old Communal Cemetery.

James? Aiken Rfm 15th RIR – James? Aiken Rfm 15th RIR 12505, Age 22, 22 Ayr St, Belfast, Died 20/01/16, III G 11 Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Colincamps. Son of Eliza Lane & late John Aiken.

John? Watson Rfm 15th RIR – J Watson Rfm 15th RIR 12185, Died 16/02/16, I.B.13 Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Colincamps.

Henry? Carroll Rfm 15th RIR - Henry Carroll Rfm 7th RIR 11910, died 01/07/16, Panel 124 Loos.

George? Heron Rfm 15th RIR - George Heron Rfm 15th RIR 7163, Age 19, 30 Ivan St, Belfast, Died 11/06/16, I.E.26 Hamel Mil Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel. Son of John Heron.

? McKay Rfm 15th RIR – W McKay 15th RIR 12356, Died 02/11/16, II.C.7. Metz-en-Couture Communal Cemetery, British Ext.

James? Gibb Pte 15th RIR – No details found?

James? Scott Pte 15th RIR – J Scott Rfm 15th RIR 78, Died 06/08/17, Sp. Mem. B.6. Wieltje Farm Cemetery.

Andrew? Templeton Pte 15th RIR – Andrew Templeton Rfm 15th RIR 15/13715, Age 18, 11 Upp Meadow St, Belfast, Died 08/11/15, Plot 1, Row A, Grave 5, Forceville Communal Cemetery, Son of Margaret and the late Capt John Templeton.

? McIndoo Pte 15th RIR - Alex McIndoo Pte 17th RIR 15/1001, Age 35, 1 Ivan St, Belfast, Died 14/04/17, V95, Carnmoney Cemetery, Son of Alexander McIndoe & wife of Eliza McIndoe.

John? Palmer Pte 15th RIR - J Palmer Rfm 15th RIR 17/63, Died 01/07/16, III. A. 3. Connaught, Thiepval.

Joseph Johnston – Joseph Johnston Rfm 6th RIR 11246, Died 11/08/15, 176 Cambrai St, Belfast, Panel 177-178, Helles. Brother of Mary Johnston.

? Pryce – Not enough details? Maybe? Michael Price Rfm 2nd RIR 4432, Age 40, 23 Altear St, Belfast, Panel 74-75, Pozieres, Ovillers, husband of Margaret Price. OR…. Joseph Price 1st RIR 9047, Died 01/07/16, VII.M.4. Ovillers Cemetery.

? McClure – Not enough details? Maybe? William McClure Rfm 12th RIR 11/19639, Died 25/10/18 VI.A.10 Harlebeke New British OR…. T James McClure Rfm 11th RIR 11/16701, Age 20, 25 Ballynahinch Rd, Lisburn, Died 01/09/16, III.C.24 Ration Farm (La Plus Douve) Annex, husband of Margaret McClure, OR…. H McClure Rfm 13th RIR 18231, 6 Talbot St, N'Ards, Died 22/10/16, 1.91 Newtownards (Movilla) Cemetery, Son of Thomas McClure; OR.… H A McClure Rfm 8th RIR 17/772, Died 24/08/16, II.G.12 Dranoutre Mil Cemetery; OR…. George McClure Rfm 16th RIR 62, Age 24, Hillsborough, Died 16/04/18, IV. A.35 Canada Farm Cemetery.

Robt Jas Todd – Maybe? - Robt James Todd Rfm 1st RIR 9241, Age 19, 27 Jennymount St, Belfast, Died 06/08/16, Panel 19,Ploegsteert memorial. Nephew of Susan, Keeves OR…. Robt James Todd 1st RIR 20021, Died 29/08/18, Div 62. V.B.11. Ste Maire, Le Havre.

John? Sloan – J W Sloan Rfm 14th RIR 'C' Coy 15949, Age 25, 16 Malone Ave, Belfast, Died 06/08/16, I.G.6 Berks Cemetery Ext. Son of late Joseph Sloan OR…. J Sloan Rfm 2nd RIR 10110, 28 Albertbridge Rd, Belfast, Died 16/07/16, VIII. D. 120 Boulogne. Nephew of Grace Harrison.

Edward King Pte 15th RIR - Edward King Rfm 15th RIR 15/12989, Age 18, 8 Hillview St, Belfast, died 22/01/16, I.B.11 Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Colincamps. Son of Thomas and Annie King.

Thos? Briggs – Thos. Briggs Rfm 1st RIR 'A' Coy 7385, Age 21, 1 Paris St, Belfast, Died 10/03/16, I.E.114 Sailly-Sur-La-Lys Canadian Cemetery. Husband of Sarah Briggs.

Samuel? Craig – Maybe? - Samuel Craig Rfm 2nd RIR 5373, Died 16/04/17, Panel 40, Menin Gate, Ypres. OR…. Samuel Craig Rfm 12th RIR 1712, Died 01/07/16, XI.M.5. Serre Rd Cemetery No2.

George? McArthur 8th RIR - George McArthur Rfm 8th RIR 13054, died 02/07/16, Pier/Face 15a-15b Thiepval.

Centre and Right column will follow when completed.

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This is a list of names in bold text which appear on the Centre column of the memorial. The text following the entry is the closest interpretation of the nearest name match using CWGC and Journey of Remembering. If anyone can add or further interpretate you are most welcome to assist. These men would have all been former shipyard employees.

Edward Workman Lt. 5th RIR att 2nd RIR - Edward Workman MC, Lt. Att 2nd RIR, Age 29, 'The Moat' Strandtown, Belfast, Died of wounds 26/01/16 received at Le Touquet, River Lys, 19th Jan., 1916, I B 21, Etaples Military Cemetery. Only son of Frank and Sara Workman, Native of Belfast. Educated at Charterhouse and B.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge.

George Smith Capt 6th Gordons - George Smith Capt 6th Gordon Highlanders, Mentioned in Dispatches, Age 44, Died 13/03/15, Panel 39-41, Le Touret Memorial. Son of George and Mary Workman Smith, of Glenmorag, Dunoon, Argyllshire; husband of Kathleen Marion Workman Smith, of Pittodrie, Pitcaple, Aberdeenshire.

W Nixon Capt N Fusiliers - W Nixon Capt Northumberland Fusiliers, 20th (Tyneside Scottish) Bn; Age 32, Died 01/07/16, Pier and Face 10 B 11 B and 12 B, Thiepval. Son of John & Jane Nixon.

H H Hooton Lt 4th RIR - H H Hooton Lt 4th RIR, Died 05/08/16, I B 4, Etaples Military Cemetery. Son of Edmund & Eliza Hooton, of 22 Baker St., Nottingham.

J Torrens 2nd/Lt MGC - James Torrens 2nd/Lt MGC, "B" Coy. 19th Bn., Age 27, Everton, Knock, Belfast., Died 30/05/18, Soissons memorial. Son of James Torrens.

Enger Adam Bruce Sub/Lt RNVR - Adam Bruce 2nd Engineer, Mercantile Marine Reserve H.M. Tug "Labour", Age 30, Died 29/11/18, Carnmoney Cemetery. Son of Donald & Isabella Bruce, of 73 Glasgow St, Belfast.

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It is now protected by a plastic cover and is described as a work of considerable cultural and historical significance. Restorative works are planned in the future.

Old thread but ------- Was down that way today for the first time. That sign is still there and the names are probably even more unreadable than when Mark saw them. What an absolute disgrace. :angry2:

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