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2nd battalion Royal Scots


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I have looked at the Long Long Trail to discover the 2nd Royal Scots were part of the 3rd Division & as such the Division took part in the following actions from late 1916 onwards;

1916 Delville Wood & Ancre

1917 Scarpe, 2nd Scarpe, Arleux, 3rd Scarpe, Meninn Road, Polygon Wood, & Cambrai

1918 St Quentin, Bapaume, Arras, Estaires, Hazebrouck, Bethune, Albert, Bapaume, Canal du Nord, Cambrai & Selle

But can anyone please tell me which of these actions the 2nd battalion Royal Scots took part in either as front line or in support.

many thanks

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Although the 2nd Battalion began as reserve to the 8th Brigade opposite the enemy trenches between Bazentin le Grand and Longueval, heavy losses among leading units caused it to move up and through the leading waves. Bombers and snipers attacked from the left flank, the RSF making a similar move from the right flank, and the German front line was taken; the German second line fell soon after.

On 13th November, 'A' & 'B' Cos of the 2nd Battalion led the advance on Serre, which was a failure.

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Hi Rod

In 1st Scarpe on the 9th April 8th Brigade (with 2nd Royal Scots) passed through 9th Brigade after their attack on Tilloy les Mofflaines to capture the Brown Line (at this point the Wancourt-Feuchy Line). Despite making a lot of ground they were brought to a halt 600 yards short. The next day all 4 battalions of the Brigade attacked and successfully took the W-F Line.

I don't have 3rd Division very involved in either 2nd Scarpe or Arleux. They relieved 29th Division after its attack on the 23rd but did not attack, although 76th Brigade, holding the line, suffered 464 casualties in those 10 days. 8th and 9th Brigades then relieved the battered 76th making ready for the opening attacks of the 3rd Scarpe which took place in the darkness of the morning of 3rd May. Here the 2nd Royal Scots suffered quite badly, not gaining their objective of the lines north of Bois Du Sart.


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