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10th (Service) Bn The Devonshire Regimental Band


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The 10th Bn was formed in Exeter in September 1914 but uniforms and equipment were not issued until supplies became available between February and April 1915. As the Bn moved to France in September 1915, this photo must date between April and September 1915 and from the Salisbury Plain area. Under magnification the majority of the uniforms do actually look brand new, although there are a few 'old sweats' (NCO's) in the photo as well. Disbanded 1919 in Constantinople, the remaining personnal of what had become a very under-strength Bn was absorbed into the 10th Hampshires.

I am completely puzzled with what appears to be the Bandmaster as he wears four identical inverted chevrons on both his right and left cuffs - any ideas please?

Many thanks



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The 'old sweats' bit is confirmed by records...the 10th Battalion secured a good portion of NCOs following an appeal to members of the Devons' Old Comrades Association

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