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lieut w g spens


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I recently bought the casualty medals to William Spens 1/9th HLI Glas High. Included in the lot were the service records of his brother, 2nd Lieut Walter George Spens 13th HLI. His MIC card states he has no medal entitlement as he saw home service with the 13th and 3rd service battns which I gather never went overseas, please correct me if I am wrong. However he is entitled to a SWB.

Only thing it says on his records is

MB 7/8/16

Unfit G S 1 Month

Unfit H S 3 Weeks

Unfit Lt Duty 3 Weeks


Fit for GEn Serv.

Lt Duty is Light Duty I assume could be wrong as I have learnt, in the past 'never assume'

G S Gun shot?

Last page of the records is a letter from the C/O of 3rd HLI saying that W G Spens reported from hospital on 28th May 1918

So whatever his problems were he carried on throughout the war.

help gratefully recieved


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I think that in this case GS stands for general service, HS stands for home service and Lt duty is indeed Light duty. A gun shot wound would be written as GSW followed by the part of the anatomy that had been hit, e.g. GSW buttock.

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Dear High Wood

I think you are correct. I have another service record that says GS Chest. Found a LG entry for 18th July 1918 saying he resigns commission due to ill health. Any ideas of how to find what ill health was?



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