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Dear All

I have just discovered my Great Grandfather, William G Linney served in the RAOC. It came to light when his medals were discovered a few months ago.

I have looked up his records on Ancestry and have found a copy of his Medal Index Card. I am struggling to find any sort of centralised information on the RAOC which would enable me to see where he was posted.

Any suggestions from any of the forum Pals as to how I can take this research further? If it helps, his Reg. No is 05255!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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His number would indicate that je was a "Hostilities" only enlistment around February-April 1915.

RAOC served in every theatre of War so tracing his service may prove difficult as men not units were posted to the relevant depots etc.

The RLC Museum may be able to help if you contact them.

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Thanks for that, I will get in touch with them.

Out of interest (and apologies if this is a stupid question!) what do you mean by saying he was a "Hostilities" only enlistment?

Given his date of enlistment on the card I'd wondered if he had been some sort of reservist. Both my Mother and Uncle have no knowledge of his service.

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He was not a regular - the AOC numbers were 4 digits normally preceeded by S for a regular enlistment.

War time enlistments into the AOC started with a 0 from August 1914 onwards. He could have had previous service in any unit/regiment - the original numbers were not carried forward if he left and then rejoined - but thios would be difficult to check unless you found his service record.

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