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Service records for men who fought in both wars


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Morning All,

I've been trying to find out some more info about my Grandfathers service in WW1.

I know a lot of records were destroyed but someone told me that because he served again in for WW2 that his record would not have been released online yet.

Does anyone know if this is correct?

I know next to nothing about his service in WW1 other than I have his medals and also his medal card card (see below).

Any extra info anyone could give me or points in the right direction would be great.




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Records for service men who served after 1922 are still with the Ministry of Defence. Documents may be available as a Freedom of Information request or to next of kin.

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Hi Martin. You can download the form here.



Thanks for that. I don't suppose you'd happen to know what the two letters in front of the Z on his medal card mean?

Would he have had the same number after being recalled for WW2 as I literally know nothing about his WW2 service except that my Dad can remember that he had a massive mobil workshop and was touring around the camps on the south coast prior to D-Day servicing and repairing arms.

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I could be wrong but it may be class Z you can read more here. Scroll right down and it's explained.


Cheers Mike

Hi Mike,

I knew about the Z class but I have seen a 'gg' or it might be 'bb' in front of it before, just wondered what it meant.



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