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Artillery Terminollogy-1918.


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The War Diary of 5th Battery, Canadian Garrison Artillery then located LIEVEN on 9 February 1918 contains the following entry;

"A destructive shoot was successsfuly carried out by Aeroplane observation on M.B. NZ 16. Fire was opened at 3:40 p.m. and 21 rounds expended ranging during which we obtained 5 Y's, 2 Z's and 7 A's".

Can any of the gunners on this forum provide a translation of the terms 5Y 2Z and 7A?

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That's an interesting diagram that I had missed on its previous outing - it reminded me of a "puzzle" that MagicRat had raised in this thread Officer's Field Kit - Lt Col J G Fairlie.

In the first post, there is a table recording some activity - this was never conclusively identified as to what it was recording. The X axis of the table is effectively 1 to 12 (with some A & B sub-divisions thrown in to confuse).

Your artillery shoot diagram used the clockface to record accuracy with respect to a target - 1 to 12 again.

Any chance Lt Col Fairlie's table is using a similar methodology?

[Fairlie was an infantry officer but the 2nd picture in the original thread seems to deal with artillery ammunition]


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If he was a trench mortar officer, then he may well have used the clock system to record targets, after all the principles of mortar fire and artillery fire aren't that far apart.

I do, as usual, stand to be corrected by more learned members.


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