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Commemoration of women casualties

Sue Light

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I've been trying to work out the criteria for the commemoration of women by the CWGC, but searching through previous posts on the subject I'm still left rather confused. I found this post from Terry D. on the 29th January 2009 in relation to a thread about a nurse called Dorothy Godden:

Not all VADs qualify for CWGC commemoration. Death had to occur overseas whilst attached to a Commonwealth military force 04.08.14 to 11.11.18. Death in the UK or between 12.11.18 and 31.08.21 would count also if the cause of death was due to or exacebated by overseas service between the first set of dates.

I understand about the different civilian organisations, not all of which qualified whenever or wherever they died, but in relation to trained nurses of QAIMNS, QAIMNS Reserve and the Territorial Force Nursing Service, and also of VADs attached to both military hospitals and those under the auspices of the British Red Cross, what criteria actually applied? Looking at the quote above, did women qualify if they died overseas after the Armistice, while still serving in military hospitals? And was dying in the UK at any time enough to qualify, if the death could be prove to be service-related, and did that previous service always have to be overseas? Or was it assumed that the death of a nurse in the UK with no previous overseas service could not be service-related? And are the conditions that apply to nurses the same for all other women's organisations that qualify? I can find several women who are commemorated who died in the UK and can find no evidence of overseas service, although I realise that doesn't mean they didn't have any. But I would welcome a definitive description of the criteria.


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