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I'm trying to locate the place named above as that's where Great Grandad joined the billets of the 27th Btn City of Winnipeg. The war diary is specific in the spelling, but I can't locate it. The next place listed is Estree Cauchy, which I have located. The general area is west of Vimy. Thank you.

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Only 8 years later....
I was struggling with the same questiion: Where is Raimbert ?
I am following a Pte from the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles. In February 1917 his regiment (and the 8th Inf BRgade) is

taken away from the frontline and sent to the back.  It looks like they don't know where to put the 5th CMR, as they are moving around

Esturn, Villlers, Mont-St-Eloi, Estree Cauchy  and Raimbert...
It took me some time to find it, but I have it.
Raimbert, a few houses in 1914, does not exist anymore, is has become part of the larger Auchel.  It used to calle Raimbert-Lez-Auchel (Lez = French for nearby)
It is situated NW of  Arras. About 10kilometers from Estree Cauchy






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