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Twelve Men Survived the Horrors of the Great War


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Freshly back from a three day trip upstate for a conference; I was able to visit nine of the 40 people referenced in this thread who are buried in upstate New York.

Colin Barr McClure:


Jerome Hopkins McKean:


Alexander Leith:


Amelia Newton Huger:


Marguerite Drury:


I also visited Franklyn Govenier Miller.

The remaining three lie in unmarked graves: Joseph Arambarry, John Johnson and Margaret Bishop.

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On 7/25/2012 at 18:04, ph0ebus said:

Hi Anne,

Thanks for the kind words! This event and these soldiers hold a couple of different layers of interest for me, which is why I have stuck with it for all these years. You would not think getting some basic details on twelve people would be so difficult and take so long!

Just since this morning, I was able to figure out via a series of newspaper aricles that the names of one of the youngest casualties of this event, 16 year-old Benjamin 'Soloway' is actually Benjamin SOLOMY, and that this error has been reproduced in every article and every casulatly list since 9/16/1920. Benjamin Solomy is buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery, Flushing NY. I confirmed this just about an hour ago. From the website for Mount Hebron:


Block: 14


Section: A


Line: 8

Grave: 15


Date of Death: 9/16/1920

I'll be correcting it on my website and I hope this correction makes it into any future lists of casualties from that day.


Well, it turns out that Benjamin's last name was Soloway after all.  There was an administrative error made which was carried over even into the burial records for the cemetery, but a visit to his grave last week sorted it out:




The grave also had his portrait in porcelain:





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I had never heard of the bombing, but having just read through this thread, I can say that you have created a wonderful memorial to all of the victims. I admire your perseverance in identifying the burial places for all of them, and thank you for bringing their tragedy to the attention of those of us who knew nothing about it.



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