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Remembered Today:

RAFM Hendon Royal Flying Corps living history photographs


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Here are the photos from this weekend at the RAF Museum Hendon, where the Old Contemptibles, Great War Society and RAF Museum staff teamed up to portray 22 Squadron Royal Flying Corps, based at Vert Galant, late March 1918. A fantastic time had by all and we put on a high quality, accurate and respectful portrayal of the Royal Flying Corps which received many positive comments, among the most appreciated of which were from the daughter of a Sopwith Camel pilot


Left to right, back row - Ack Emma's (Air Mechanics) Williams, Williams, Harris and Langham

front row - Lieutenant Creek and Captain Poole


Suitably attired for a high altitude O Pip


Our Biff, Bristol F2b Fighter E2466, code 'I', as flown by Captain WFJ Harvey

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