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Aerial Defence in Salonika


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I copied AIR 1/2353/226/4/109 the other day at TNA and it contains copies of a series of orders relating to the defence of Salonika from air attack. They are in English and cover the required actions of Serbian, French and British forces using aeroplanes, AA guns and machine guns.

There are not many details in the file but it is clear that the French had the primary responsibility for aerial defence of Salonika and that they had a system of AA units in place, a group of six being close to the city and controlled from the HQ at Mont St Paul. The British AA units were additional to and, to an extent, separate from the French, having responsibility for the protection of the British camps, store dumps, etc, but there was extremely close liaison between the two. The British AA HQ was at 73rd AA Section HQ at Lembet.

From the diaries in WO 95/4802 I've managed to work out the general locations for British AA Sections but I have not seen anything that allows me to do the same for the French sector (River Vardar to the Salonika-Doiran railway) or Serbian sector (Molenica to the River Vardar). Is anyone studying these nations in this Theatre?


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