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Remembered Today:

Pte J B Williams 12th Btln AIF

David B

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After being wounded i9n May 1916 my step-father was discharged from hospital in Jan 1917

and returned to duty at No 1 Com depot Perham Downs classed as B.1.A.

Can anyone tell me what medical category this was. Thanks in advance


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Category B1A for the AIF was "Temporarily unfit for General Service for less than 6 months, but fit for training".

There were subcategories depending on degree of "unfitness" with B1A1 being the least incapacitated and therefore expected to return to full duties in a short timeframe.



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Thanks Andrew. My guess that was a hopeful classification in the expectation that he would eventually become fit for service.

In the event though this did not happen and later in the year was classified as unfit for service and repat home in early 1918.

Even after this he lived a long and useful life. Cheers


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