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London Gazette show him as :-

Headquarters of Administration Services & Departments

Railway Transport Officer

Graded for purposes of pay as a Staff Lieutenant, 2nd Class

General List


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Many thanks.

Does this mean he was working on the railways in Portugal?

Also does any one now what railway transport officer did?

Does it mean they looked after the trains and rails or was it more for suppling trains for troops movements and supplies to the front?

Any more help would be great.


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RTOs were responsible for allocating troops and supplies to trains. Your man was probably working as an RTO in support of the Portuguese Corps in Flanders during 1917-18.

Charles M

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I think it more likely meant that some Portuguese bigwig arrived at his station and handed out decorations to those who had "facilitated" his journey. Was not the most decorated British officer of WW1 an interpreter on Haig`s staff?

There were still RTOs in the 50s in Germany. I thought they handled paperwork for military trains etc. I never saw any with an oilcan and oily rag! Phil B

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