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2/10th Royal Scots in North Russia

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Hi All

Does anyone have or can anyone point me in the right direction to find out info about the 2/10th RS in North Russia in 1918.

I have done a bit of background and of all the British OR casualties in Russia they suffered 22% of the total casualties!

Also any ideas where I can buy any books about the Allied Intervention in Russia 1918-20 I have looked on Amazon and there are a couple but quite expensive

thank you


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Two books spring to mind:

'The Day We Almost Bombed Moscow' by Christopher Dobson and John Miller, published in 1986 [iSBN 0 340 33723 0]; and

'At War with the Bolsheviks' by Robert Jackson, [iSBN ?] published in 1972.

They might be available through inter-library loans. You never know your luck in second-hand shops!

You might like to look at:


which has a view of the campaign. There's an emphasis on the Royal Fusiliers, due to the Australian content, but you'll probably find it interesting.

I hope this helps.

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Try 'Archangel 1918-19' by E Ironside. This has several references to the R Scots bn. They were part of 'Elope' force. They arrived 25 August 1918 in Archangel and stayed until June 1919.

Any specific questions?


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My great uncle was a casualty in Archangel.

Pte. John S Brown


2/10th Battalion

Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)

KIA Sunday 13th October 1918.

He is commemorated on the Archangel Memorial in the Russian Fedaration. Like yourself I found it difficult to source any information in that theatre of war,until I came across a very informative second hand book dealer in the book town of Dalmellington in Ayrshire. He told me about two books that gave an accurate account of this campaign.

The first one is "The Midnight War" The American Intervention in Russia, 1918-1920" by Richard Goldhurst. It's American printed with a number 2262, although i'm not sure if thats their equivalent of ISBN. I managed to pick up a copy here in UK. I found the details I needed.

The second book is "Intervention and the War" by Richard H. Ullman. "London: Oxford University Press 1961. It comes in 2 Volumes and I have the first one "Anglo Soviet relations 1917-1921. The book however is a little more Political and gives a more broader aspect to the campaign.

If you want a look up on any dates email me off forum.


James Brown

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I am trying to trace info on Henry George Merritt who was kia on the 10th Oct. I will see if I can can trace any Battalion diaries and let you know what I can find


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