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Hi I`m looking for help with this,was looking for Mic for a James Garrity of the Royal Highlanders and the only thing I can get is this,can`t get a James only a J Garrity I know it tells of his discharge but is it telling me anything other than this ? it has badge and medal on it but was he entitled to any ? I cant see another MIC for him,appreciate any help Gary.

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Hello Gary,

There were at least FIVE different Army Orders covering the issue of the Silver War Badge. There were some differences of interpreptation of how the order should be administered within each order. It gets a bit complex, basically. But the early part of A.O. 265 0f 1917 (Your man's bit) 2a1 , means he served abroad.. 2a1. quickly got replaced by 2 (b ) , for men that served abroad. I have looked but cannot find another Medal Index Card for him but there should be one.

Regards Mike Jones

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Your man's papers are in the 'Pension' section of Ancestry.

Resided at 47 Balgey Street, Dundee and was embodied on 26/11/14 (not 1910) with 4th Battalion Black watch.

He did not serve overseas because of major bladder and anal problems that are described in the medical notes 'as a nuisance to other men'. Eventually transferred to 301st Reserve Labour Company on 14/8/17 before being discharged as unfit on 23/11/17.



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