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Medal Identity Belgium WW1?


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I found the following info at:


The Silver Service Star.

Instituted on 16 January 1889 for award to those that fulfilled their tour of duty in Congo loyally and with honour. Per tour of duty (3 years) a silver bar was attached on the ribbon. The Silver Service Star (30 mm) was awarded between 1889 and 1910 when it was replaced by the 2nd type Silver and Gold Service Stars.

The 1910 Silver and Gold Service Stars

Instituted on 28 November 1910, this decoration (40mm) was awarded, as was its predecessor (see previous), for 3 years of service in Congo. Each additional period of entitled the recipient to a silver bar on the ribbon. In 1956, the reverse text was changed to a bilingual one.

At the same time a Gold Service Star was created for 10 years of service in Congo, each additional 2 years of service giving the right to wear a gilt bar on the ribbon. This Gold Star has enamelled centres, the obverse with the royal cypher instead of the five-pointed star.

Under King Leopold III, with Royal Decrees of 1936 and 1937, the service periods for the stars and their bars were increased to finally 15 years for the Gold Star and a first bar after 20 years, 3 years of service for the Silver Star, its first bar after two more years and a second bar after a total of 10 years of service.

It is never allowed to wear both a Silver and a Gold Star together.

Without a better picture hard to say exactly which period.

Connaught Stranger. :D

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