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I am trying to identify what colour the brading would have been over the right shoulder in the first two pics, and the subsequent colouring on the brading of the full uniform in the third picture.

The regiment in the frist two is the 18th Hussars and the thrid taken in 1914 was of the 11th Cavalry Reserve.



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In the first two pictures the "braid" is a white lanyard on the end of which, kept in the pocket, would be a clasp knife.

As the lanyard is being worn on the right shoulder, the pictures are post WW1 as the wearing of the lanyard changed from the left to the right shoulder in the early 1920's.

Difficult to tell, but the braid in picture three would be yellow or possibly red but I stand to be corrected.

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Thanks for the info.

As for when the pics are taken.

On the horse 1918.

On foot 1914

and the dress uniform Aug 1914 at Tidworth.

thats what it says on the back of them.

He left the army in 1919 for a job as a moulder in an iron works.

thanks for the info and the link

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