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Apologies if this has been covered before (I did a search and came up blank)

I was filling in some time recently and started compiling some ideas for representative rifles for the combatants in the Great War. I wondered what Pals views were. What I had in mind was perhaps 2 "representatitive weapons" (infantry rifles is my main interest although I suspect we could expand this!) for each of the major combatant powers.

So for example for the United States (perhaps the simplest) it might be:

1) US M1917 "Enfield" 30.06

2) US M1903 "Springfield" 30.06

there really doesn't seem to be any other option here (although we could look at arms used for training in the US like the Krag, the Ross etc) but what about for other nations:

For the UK - SMLE MkIII/III* .303" and Pattern 1914 .303" also appear straightforward choices

but after this things get more interesting.....

Anyone care to suggest a list? Primary Arm /Secondary Arm for the other powers.....


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There are G98 and K98 Mausers for the Germans, the Lebel of 1886 for the French, the Mosin-Nagant of 1891 for the Russians, and various Mannlichers for the Austrians and Italians (called Carcanos in Italian service). The Canadians used the Ross for a while.

Edit: I believe the Belgians, Serbians and Turks had Mausers and the Greeks and Romanians had different models of Mannlichers.

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Berthier also for the French- Model 1892/16 or 16 for carbines (I got my first just 2 weeks ago) and rifles as well -7/15 I think was the model.

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