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Rees on Wallasey Memorial


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There are three Rees on the memorial:

1) A.A.Rees

2)Cornelius H. Rees

3)Ludwig Rees

I have no problem with 1) Alexander Armstrong Rees- Captain Royal Army Medical Corp son of Robert and Gertrude born Wallasey Cheshire 1885 on CWGC

numbers 2) and 3) appear to be brothers :

Cornelius Henry Rees born 1889 Wallasey Cheshire

Ludvig Wynne Rees born 1891 Wallasey Cheshire

And according to details from 1891 and 1901 census sons of Robert and Margaret

Now I come to the problem

I can find no other birth around this time with the same names

Robert Rees is listed as a marine engineer so both these brothers could have been sailors

I would expect Ludvig did not use his first name in signing up and maybe Cornelius dropped his?

I can find a Henry listed as a sailor on a troop ship out of Liverpool in 1917

I can also find a World War Two Draft Registration card for a Cornelius Henry Rees and a US naturalization for the same man birth 1889 Seacombe, Cheshire (Seacombe being a part of Wallasey) arriving 1917. On 1920 US census as engineer at sea

So was number 2) man living all along in USA ?

Or am I just seeing ghosts and can someone find 2) and 3) for me.

Regards Caroline

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REES, Cornelius Henry, Birkenhead, 8A, 559, 3dr qtr, 1889

REES, Ludvig, Wynne, Birkenhead, 8A, 564 , 3rd qtr , 1891


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Could these be your men:

Name: Cornelius REES

Date of departure: 24 June 1938

Port of departure: Liverpool

Passenger destination port: Boston, USA

Passenger destination: Boston, USA

Date of Birth: 1890 (calculated from age)

Age: 48

Marital status:

Sex: Male

Occupation: Painter


Official Number:

Master's name: W C Battle

Steamship Line: Cunard White Star Limited

Where bound: New York, USA

Square feet: 13212

Registered tonnage: 11808

Passengers on voyage: 139


Name: Lt L W REES

Date of departure: 9 September 1911

Port of departure: Liverpool

Passenger destination port: Sierra Leone

Passenger destination: Sierra Leone

Date of Birth:


Marital status: Single

Sex: Male



Official Number: 114747

Master's name: R Minto

Steamship Line: African S/s Co

Where bound: West Coast of Africa, Africa

Square feet:

Registered tonnage: 2390

Passengers on voyage: 101


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Thank you for your post I had not found Ludvig on board ship so this is very useful

You seem to have found Ludvig in 1911 on board ship so what happened to this Lieutenant in the war to make him end up on the war memorial?

I have big problems with Cornelius who seems to have married a "Daisie" and be living in USA and taking tourist trips with "Daisie" and a son in 1938 from USA to England when according to Wallasey Memorial he died during the Great World War.

I am starting to lose the plot, have I "found" one of these mystery people who are on memorials but were actually alive at the time?

What does everyone think ?



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