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Sapper Charles Files, Royal Engineers


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An elderly Aunt has asked me to see if I can find out something about her fathers service in WW1. He was Sapper Charles Files, service no. 476490, Royal Engineers. I have found his medal card on Ancestry, and along with the six digit number there is another, (T)3393. Am I right in thinking this indicates he was overseas before the re-numbering ?. Unfortunately, I can`t find any sign of his service records, but from the Long, Long Trail I see that his number was among the batch allocated to the 1 West Riding Field Coy. Can anyone tell me anything about that unit ?. I know Charles was wounded on March 13th, 1918, and treated at the 30th CCS, which I believe was located at either St.Aubin or Wavrans at the time, although I`d like to know for sure which location if anyone can help.

Not a lot to go on, but I`d really appreciate any help at all. My Aunt knows very little about her fathers wartime service, he did`nt talk about it much. She is in her 80`s now though and it would be great to be able to help her out.

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Thanks Barry. Don`t suppose you know where in France this CCS was ?. I`ve found two or three on a map but they are double barreled names ie St.Aubin-cobin. The only St.Aubin is in south west France, which I would have thought a long way from the front.

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The 1/1 West Riding Field Company was attached to 29 Division so you could look at his page in the Long Long Trail for movements:


The War Diary for this unit is at Kew under WO95/2293 which runs from March 1916 to Oct 1919,and will be a long and detailed read of their duties in engineering/construction support of the Battalions /Units in that Division. After re-numbering it became the 455th Field Company.


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