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Listed in the service record of RN Stoker F.Mountjoy (service 1913-1919) is Attentive II, would this have been a warship or a shore establishment. The stoker's home port was Chatham and he was at Attentive between January 1917 and July 1918.

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It would be good to do a search (HMS ATTENTIVE) here,top right of the page ! There is a thread which will assist you in your quest. Last post on it Nov 2007.

ATTENTIVE II was a shore base though.


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Just because he is shown as getting his pay and having the admin done by a shore base does not mean he served ashore. Attentive II was a base for auxillery small craft, so they were too small to have their own admin staff. Following up what Charles has asked, if there is a name in brackets that's the vessel Mountjoy actually served on.

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