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9th Black Watch


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I am beginning to think the embarkation dates for men of the 9th Black Watch, as given in the medal rolls, may contain errors. By sheer coincidence I have recently been looking at two men of this unit. The MICs of both give 14 July 1915 as the date. The war diary says the battalion landed on 8 July.

Is this just coinicidence? Were these men with a reinforcement draft (arriving rather quickly after the main body, if so)?

Or are the medals details wrong?

Anyone else have the same experience with this unit?

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History of the Black Watch in ww1 has this," The Battalion left on Thursday the 8th,crossing from Folkestone in the s.s.Invicta with the Brigadier,his staff,and the Headquarters and two companies of the Seaforths, reaching Boulogne at 9.50 that night."


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