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David B

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I am looking for the service documents of Lt Charles Hamon Royal Ulster Rifles. Judging from his MIC

he started in the 2nd Royal Irish Fusiliers No 8824, rose to RQMS, renumbered 7006367 and joined RUR as Quartermaster and

Lieutenant. Would his service docos be now found in an officers section, if so where query


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David - surprised no one has answered this yet - officers records at the NA only seem to have an H Hamon and an S Hamon


My feeling is that he probably stayed in after the cut off date for records to still be with the MOD - see


The renumbering took place in 1920 and the new number was in the series allocated to the Royal Irish Rifles - which is what I read it as on his MIC??




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Hello David

Royal Ulster Rifles is the post-1922 title, so if he was still serving then, his records will not be among those already at Kew.

Watch this space, though, as the post-1920 records are scheduled for release in the fairly near future - but this could still be some years away!


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Thanks Ron and Sue, I dont know much about him and his war service apart from the MIC which states in the last line R Ulster Rif.

Lt (QRMR). I took this to be quartermaster.

I have the service of his two brothers (I was part of the family of one of them) but it seems that the family were not close as I cant remember

any conversations regarding Charles - or others as well. The tyrrany of distance played havoc in those days. Will check out yr suggestions

Thanks David

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