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Does anyone recognise this badge


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I am currently researching my relative in another part of the forum. Whilst looking through a box of paperwork I have, I have come across this, what looks to be a cap badge. Beware though, this box contains papers to other members including my nan who was in the WRVS :rolleyes: .

The only word I can make out is SARDA which after a brief google comes back as Sardinian in Italian. It may even be from WW2. I have not got a clue.


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Looks Irish to me, but haven't a clue what it is or whom it's for.

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It says "Eireann" on it, so definitely Irish.

Got it ... Irish police badge, the Garda Síochána. It's post-war since the Garda wasn't formed until 1922.



All I can say is thankyou. Every question I have asked on this forum has been answered and everytime I am amazed at the knowledge thatcomes with the answers. Just need to find out who it belonged to now.


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Hi Andy, Have you come across any reason why your family would have had this cap badge among their paper work ?

I also wounder about the quality of the badge, its looks like a copy, or could it be a very early one. If you follow the link below, you may be able to contact some one who will be able to advise you better on its age.



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