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Guest mark taylor

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Guest mark taylor

I've just bought a copy of Stephen O'Shea's "Back To The Front" from a shop selling remainder stock - only £3.99 for a £17.00 book.

From a quick scan of the book it appears that he travels the entire length of the front and looks at modern findings alongside references to the history of the front, at it's various battlegrounds.

Early impressions are that it is well written and an entertaining read. I'm a travel book fan so I may be easily swayed into enjoying it but there appears to be a good bit of research into the front and as the writers grandfathers both served there I think he has put a lot into it.

Has anyone else read this and if so, what do you think of it? Maybe of interest to others contemplating a similar trip?


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I am sure you will get some very strong opinions about this book. It has come up in previous threads.

After I read it the first time it made no sense to me why someone who appeared to have an axe to grind about the war would spend so much time on the front. He seemed to put the war memorials down as monuments to glorify the cost of the war rather than monuments to sacrafices made. I did read the book a second time after visiting the front for the first time myself, and it didn't seem as harsh as I had remembered it, but still seemed to have a anti-war bend.


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