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When Bn's moved from one Brigade to another or a different Division, would there have been much admin work involved in the process? if so could I presume that there would be a serious paper trail to follow. For example when the two foot Guards Battalions left the 1st Division on the formation of the Guards Division. Regards Rick. :rolleyes:

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I suspect that there would not be a great deal of paper work. That must be one of the advantages of having units and formations organised to a fixed establishment so one can be grafted on to another with the minimum of fuss. One or other of the diaries (unit, brigade or division) might include the orders for the movement of the unit. War diaries might end up filed in different places as units switch divisions. The Divisional A&QMG diaries might contain some detail but I have no experience of these as yet.

However, I would also be glad to learn if it is otherwise.


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