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I hired this DVD yesterday from the local library and absolutely thoroughly enjoyed 193 minutes of Australians on the Western Front. It goes hand-in-hand with The Western Front Diaries written by Dr Jonathan King.

Basically Dr King wanted to highlight the fact that Aussies nowadays mainly only consider Gallipoli as 'the' place that diggers fought and organised a trip to the WF to coincide with the 90th anniversary.

If you manage to grab a copy of this DVD I warn you that hankies will need to be pretty close by as relatives dig out diaries, letters and photos.

A fact that warms my heart is that sweethearts and wives sent gum leaves with their letters and the diggers would pool them and burn them to remind them of home.

I highly recommend viewing


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Available online here - FBO Entertainment - looks like it would cost slightly over £15 for the DVD to be shipped to the UK

NB - it's Region 4 so your player would need to be multi-region


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Thanks very much for this tip, Bardess. :)

I think the DVD will be an excellent birthday gift for my son, who also has a keen interest in WW1 history.


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The DVD was released along with the book "The Western Front Diaries" by Johnathon King at the end of last year.

I agree the DVD is pretty interesting, showing plenty of the battlefields and there are some good stories.

I was a little confused with the inclusion of William Chambers from the Cameron Highlanders as Johnathon King introduces the DVD saying these are Australian stories. There is also a reference there from the descendant to the effect that all Scottish regiments wore kilts that maybe needed a bit more clarification.

I'm nit-picking though, overall it's very watchable.

I can't comment on the book yet as it's stuck in the ever-growing pile. He wrote the "Gallipoli Diaries" a few years ago.

Another northern beaches man.



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