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Any experts on the 2/9th DLI out there?


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He's found his relative's records on Ancestry, but would like to know a little more of what the 2/9th DLI were up to. A pre-war soldier, he enlisted 9th October 1914 and served through until 20th February '19.

Was their only active service in Salonika?

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That would take a lot of time to answer.

Basically they were a second line unit, went to Salonika in November 1916 and stayed there for the war.

The WFA Cleveland Branch website has a month by month article called 'Following The Durhams' and 2/9th have had a brief mention there.

If you can be more particular about what you are looking for I may be able to help.


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Thanks for the heads-up on the Cleveland site. I've passed it on.

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Search on this forum and David T compiled a detailed summary of the 9th Battalion added as an attachment document.Well worth a read.

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