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Battle Honours to Tank Corps/RTR


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I've been reading army orders looking for some other information. I came across Army order 14/1958.

It relates to the award of battle honours to the Royal Tank Regiment for the great War.

Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to approve that battaions of the Royal Tank Regiment. As part of the Armoured Corps, should in future carry standards, and that the regiment will be awarded battle honours. To commemorate its service in the War 1914-19

The award of the following battle honours for service in the great War of 1914/19 has been approved.

I didn't realise that the Royal Tank Regiment didn't get their battle honours until 1958.

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That is so because up until World War 2 it was the Royal Tank Corps and battle honours are only granted to regiments. Likewise corps do not have colours/guidons/standards. It was only when Her Majesty, as Colonel-in-Chief of the RTR, agreed that each regiment of it should have its own standard that 1914-18 battle honours were granted. The standards themselves were presented to the then eight regiments of the RTR at Buckingham Palace on 27 October 1960. At the same time she presented new guidons to the three Yeomanry regiments affiliated to the RTR.

The most recent presentation of new standards to the RTR took place in June last year, again at Buckingham Palace. This time there were just 1 and 2 RTR to receive them. Even so, there were some 700 serving members of the Regiment on parade. It was a memorable day and made me feel even more proud of my old regiment.

Charles M

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