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Trying to research a soldier in 69th Punjabis


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I wonder if anyone can help me. I have just aquired a 1914-15 Star to 2429 Sepoy Noor Ahmad of the 1/69th Punjabis. Can anyone help with how I can research a medal index card or any information about the history of the 1/69th Punjabis during WW1.

Hope someone out there can point me in the right direction, I did post this under soldiers but nobody could help with MIC so I thought I try this area.

Many thanks


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There are meant to be some of the Indian Army MICs at Kew,apparently only around 20,000 though,which is only a part of the whole. My research shows they are concentrated in:

WO372/25 A to E ; /26 F to J ; /27 K to O ; /28 P to T ; /29 U to Z.

Finding them seems to be another matter,they are supposed to be searchable as the other Rolls. I did notice around 10 Indian soldiers with the number 2429 but yours didn't appear for me !

There were two Indian Divisions in France 1914-1915,3rd Lahore and 7th Meerut. If you can find the make-up of the Brigades of these Divisions you might get more info on your man.

If you do a search on 1/69 Punjabis here you will get a bit from a couple of threads,again about medals.


PS Is your man Ahmad NOOR or Noor AHMAD ?

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