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Captain G.I. Carmichael, DSO RFA


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I've just spent the past few weeks trying to identify a RFA(T) osd tunic I recently acquired. The Name on the tailor's label is 'Cpt. G. I. Carmichael RFA'. Looking at the Army List for August 1914 and surfing the London Gazette it would seem that there was a George Ivan Carmichael, RFA attached to the RFC. He did rather well winning the DSO in 1914 and the Air Force Cross in 1919. Can anyone tell me more about this man. The tunic in which his name appears is an RFA territorial tunic. There is a smudge in the Army List August 1914 which might be a 'T'. Was Carmichael a Territorial officer? Any information you might have will be a great help to me. Thanks and Cheers, Bill

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Bill, He gets a small mention in Trevor Henshaw's "The Sky Their Battlefield" when on the 10th March 1915 at 3:30pm he was flying a BE2c? on a bombing mission near Menin - whilst serving with Number 5 squadron, based at Bailleul (Town Ground) aerodrome - when his aircraft was affected by blast and hit by rifle fire. He was forced to fly home at 200 feet but arrived safely.



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Major George Ivan Carmichael, MC, DFC, RA

Born on 24 Aug 88

2nd Lieut, RA on 18 Dec 08

Lieut., RA on 18 Dec 11

Attached to the RFC on 11 Mar 13

Temp. Capt on 1 May 14

Served in France from 1914 to 31 Mar 1918 with RFC

Captain, RA on 18 Dec 14

DSO (LG 27 Mar 15)

Served as a Temp Major from Mar 1915-Feb 1917

Temp. Lt-Col. from Feb 1917 to Mar 1918

From 1 Apr 18 he was employed under the Air Ministry

Major, RA, 20 May 18

AFC, 1919

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He was also Mentioned in Dispatches:

Gazette Issue 28945 published on the 20 October 1914. Pages 8369 - 8379


His MIC is on Ancestry; it shows that he landed in France on 15/8/1914. There's a bit of uncertainty over which Squadron he was with but the following should help clear it up:

AIR 1/775/204/4/378 Roll of officers: 2, 3, 4 and 5 Squadrons, also Headquarters Squadron with B.E. Force. 1914 Sept.

AIR 1/827/204/5/164 List of officers: 2, 3, 4 and 5 Squadrons. 1914 Oct.

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There are also some mentions in the official history which shows he was with 5 Squadron RFC in august 1914. He was appointed commander of 4 Reserve Squadron in March 1915

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