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Sister E A Woodward - T F N S


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I have been looking into those young men and ladies from the village who served in WW1 and have come across reference to Sister E A Woodward, T F N S attached Q A I N S and shown as serving in Egypt. According to the information, she was serving before

Can anyone let me know where in Egypt Sister Woodward served and whether she spent her whole service in Eqypt? Which unit was she attached to?

Did our nursing staff also receive medals after the war?

Is there any information about her service available?

This is the first young lady that I have found from the village hence all my queries!! I hope someone from the Forum can help me out.

Thank you

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There is an article here with a picture (though you would need to see an original, I think!):

British Journal of Nursing, 2-2-1918


Sister E. A. Woodward, whose name appears in the honours list as the recipient of the Royal Red Cross, and whose portrait we publish on this page, was trained at St. Giles’ Infirmary, Camberwell (commencing her career in 1904), ,where she gained thd gold medal of her year, and was promoted to the post of Sister, going from there to the Withington Hospitals, Manchester, as Assistant Matron. She joined the Territorial Force Nursing Service on its formation, and on the outbreak of war was called up for duty at the Territorial Hospital, Manchester, and‘ was drafted to Alexandria in the autumn of 1915, and after a few months there was sent on to East Africa. Sister Woodward has done two years continuous service Without a break, and is still serving in East Africa, a record which indicates not only a sound constitution, but tenacity of purpose, as the East African climate is at all times enervating, though the scourge of malaria, owing to the light thrown by science on the methods of its communication by infected mosquitoes, has been

greatly reduced of recent years.


British Journal of Nursing, 26-10-1912


Manchester Infirmary.-Miss E. A. Woodward has been appointed Assistant Matron at the Manchester. She was trained at Camberwell Infirmary, and holds the certificates of the C.M.B. and Incorporated Society of Masseuses. She obtained the medal of her year, which is awarded annually at Camberwell for " nursing ability and general efficiency." She has also held the posts of Staff Nurse, Ward Sister, and Night Superintendent at Camberwell Infirmary.


British Journal of Nursing, 8-10-1921



St. Luke’s Hospital, Halifax.-Miss E. A. Woodward has been appointed Matron. She was trained at the Camberwell Infirmary, London, S.E., where she subsequently

held the positions of Day Sister and of Night Superintendent, and has held successively the positions of Third Assistant Matron and Masseuse, Second Assistant Matron and Home Sister, and First Assistant Matron at the Withington Hospital, Manchester, under the Manchester Guardians.


From the London Gazette, 1-1-1918


His Majesty the KING has been graciously pleased to award the Royal Red Cross Decoration to the undermentioned ladies of the Nursing Services in recognition of their valuable services with the Armies in the. Field —

Awarded the Royal Red Cross, 2nd Class.

Miss Elizabeth Ann Woodward, Sister, Q.A.I.M.N.S.(T)



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Hi Steve! Thank you so much for this fantastic information and your swift response.

Best wishes


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This site:


shows a picture of St.Luke's Hospital in Halifax mentioned eslewhere on the thread where Sister Woodward server as Matron.

It includes a picture of the hospital from the time.

Oddly enough the same thing happened in Bradford, the workhouse became a Militaty Hospital called St.Luke's by which it is know to this day. Interestingly it never had the military hospital status removed and was actually earmarked for use as such during the Falklands confilict had it been needed.


Mike Tomkinson


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