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I have a medal index card for G/57863 Pte George Vale of the Middlesex Regt, in the remarks column it says also on Roll MFP/101 B10 Page 1490, does anyone know what this roll is or what it may refer to. I can't get to Kew at the moment to look it up, and as we have the two medals listed we can't understand what this is.

The medals have no bars or oak leaves etc, but I do know that George was a prisoner of war for part of WW1.



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MFP = Military Foot Police.

The entry you've quoted is the medal roll.... so sounds like your chap is listed on their roll rather than the Middx rolls. Without looking at the MIC it sounds like he received the pair (British War Medal & Victory Medal)..... would have entered the theatre of war after 1/1/16.

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