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Lt William Norman Cave-Allan 6th KOSB


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I am trying to find out more about Lt William Norman Cave-Allan who seems to have served with the 6th Btn KOSB and

then with the Indian Army.

His MIC states he arrived in France on the 15th May 1916, while I have pulled out the following from the LG:

LG 14th July 1916: The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. are transferred from Res. Btns (except where otherwise stated),

with seniority stated against their names:

KOSB W. N. C. Allan 25th Feb 1915

LG 24th November 1916: The undermantioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts. on appt. as probs. to the Ind. Army Res.

of Offrs:

W. N. Cave Allan from K O Sco. Bord.

LG 21st October 1918: K O Sco Bord.

Temp. 2nd Lt. W. N. C. Allan, from temp. Lt., Gen. List, to be temp. 2nd Lt. 13 July 1918, with seniority 25 Feb. 1915.

LG 28th October 1918: K. O. Sco. Bord.

Temp. 2nd Lt. W. N. C. Allan to be temp. Lt. 1 July 1917

LG 6th January 1920: The King has approved the admission of the following Officers to the Indian Army Reserve of Officers

on Probation:

William Norman Cave-Allan, K. O. Sco. Bord. 4th Dec. 1917, but to rank from 25th Feb. 1916

LG 23rd March 1920: K. O. Sco. Bord.:

Temp. Lt. W. N. Cave-Allan relinquishes his commission on completion of service, 12 Feb. 1920, and retains the rank of Lt.

I have also been told that 2nd Lt Cave-Allen was wounded on the Somme while with the 6th Btn KOSB on the 18th/19th

August 1916 (from the KOSB history) however I have been unable to find any mention of this in the War Diary.

Although some entries relate to W. N. C. Allan and some relate to W. N. Cave-Allan, I assume they are all to the same man

due to the dates and the regiments mentioned, but wondered if anybody might be able to tell me any different. I also assume he may have been sent to the Indian Army after he was wounded, but I wound have thought his wounding might have been mentioned in the Battalion War Diary.

I was wondering if anybody on the forum might be able to tell me more about him. I have been unable to find any note of his birth or death on Ancestry, and apart from what I have mentioned above I do not have anything on him although he seems to be mentioned in two death notices in the LG dated 23/07/1935 for Jessie McMurray, and 9/03/1965 for Margaret Eileen Findlay Carter, as he proved the will. Both ladies came from Bournemouth which might suggest he was also down there.

I have also found him in the telephone directory on Ancestry as living in London, and arriving back in the country

to live here on the SS Strathnaver from Sydney (although his residence is listed as New Zealand) in May 1952, while

the London District of the Boys Bridage mention a W N Cave-Allan bequest. As part of this they have to take care

of his grave which might suggest he has no family.

Any help at all would be great,


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Death notice in the Times, Feb 3rd 1970 -



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Thanks for that. It certainly helps narrow things down a bit.

Can we assume he was born in Glasgow?


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Thanks to the newspaper report I have now been able to find his death on Ancestry, and this

provides a birth date of the 31st August 1888, however I ahve still been unable to find him on

the census, or listed on the births section.


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