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RFC - Belsize Park, North West London


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Hi everyone

Earlier today I visited the museum at Farnborough. On the handout they give you I read the following in reference to Building G1 - nownown as Trenchard House and formerly the home of the Royal Engineers Balloon School:

Then in May 1912, it became the first Headquarters of the Royal Flying Corps until February 1915 when due to massive wartime expansion, the responsibility was transferred to offices in London. The road leading up to the southern end is Belsize Road, which is a reminder of that London area where large numbers of recruits were induced into the RFC at Belsize Park before their initial transfer to the substantial tented camps on Farnborough Common.

So, my question, does anyone know exactly where in Belsize Park this recruiting took place, and does anyone know why it happened in Belsize Park. My interest? I live in Belsize Park and I have never heard any reference to this before.

Many thanks


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