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Rfn Harry Wyman - Help to find on CWGC


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Could some clever person please help me find the above soldier on CWGC I have tried a number of variations on the name but have been unable to find him. As usually happens on the forum no doubt a fresh pair of eyes will find him in a few minutes.

Rifleman, 5523, Harry Wyman

8th (City of London) Battalion (Post Office Rifles)

"D" Company, 15 Platoon

Killed in action 7th October 1916


Born Liverpool

Enlisted Lambeth

Residence Kennington


Also gives the number 372761 and Dead 7th October 1916





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Sorry Pam I give up. Possible non commemoration?

This is where Geoff's dbase would be very handy!!


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Garry and John

Thanks for trying.

Geoff's database would certainly have been useful.

My original thought was a possible non comemoration. Having been wrong before on this type of thing I thought it was best to ask if someone with a new perpective could look at it first.

I'll order a Death Certificate and follow it up.

I have a photo of him posted in the Missing columns of the TSG and a letter from a friend stating what he thought had become of him.



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