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Images of a Forgotten War


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Many thanks for that. I have looked at a couple of the August 1918 clips and they are very interesting. Definitely one for Favourite Places.

Charles M

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Thanks very much


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This clip is one of my favourites: Canadians at Shorncliffe.

This one Canucks in training shows them in the WW1 training trenches which are still in existence, and at the end of the clip you can just make out Shorncliffe Military Cemetery in the background.

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Here are some additional websites with both images and videos. Borden Battery

Great War Photographic and Mapping Websites - Part 10

Note: CEF Study Group member websites denoted with asterisk "*"


Autochromes de la guerre 1914-1918

Website [in French] with photographs from the Great War. [CEF Study Group]


The National Film Board WW1 Film Project

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) continues a program to digitize Canadian films from the Great War. A collection of films that document Canada's participation in World War I, including training exercises, major battles, aviation footage and the war effort in Canada and include the following film clips:

Colonel Sam Hughes Reviews the Troops, Canadian Training School in Bexhill, Sir Robert Borden with Canadian Troops 1, 2nd and 10th Battalions in Training, Cavalry in Training, Canadian Training School in Shorncliffe, Observation Balloons, Fighter Planes, Airplane Casualties, Canadian Journalists Visit France, The 22nd (French Canadian) Battalion, Canadian Generals, Canadian Corps Championship, Hospital Bombed by German Airplanes, German Atrocities in Cemetery, Sir Arthur Currie Being décorated by General Orth, Sir Robert Borden with the Canadian Troops 2, Borden in Ottawa, Canadian Forestry Corps, Canadian Light Railway Section 1, Moving Heavy Equipment On Muddy Roads, Canadian Engineers Laying Field Telephones, Canadians on the Western Front 1, August Offensive 2, Salvage Work on the Canadian Front, Prisoners and Wounded Coming in Dressing Station, Canadians on the Western Front 2, August Offensive 1, Battle of Arras 1, Canadian Troops in Action, To Willie With Compliments, Battle of Arras 4, Battle of Arras 2, Canadians Advance Near Cambrai 3, Canadians Advance Near Cambrai 2, Canadians Advance Near Cambrai 1, September Offensive 3, September, Offensive 2, Canadians Advance East of Arras 2, August Offensive 7, August Offensive 5, August Offensive 4, August Offensive 6, Battle of Arras 3, Canadians Advance East of Arras 1, September Offensive 1, Bourlon Wood, On the Road to Valenciennes, Valenciennes 1, Canadians Moving to Germany, Canadian Victoria Cross Winners, Canadians at Mons and Valenciennes 2. [CEF Study Group - May 2006 - Updated]


Images Canada

Images Canada provides central search access to the thousands of images held on the websites of participating Canadian cultural institutions. Through Images Canada, you can find images of the Canadian events, people, places and things that make up our collective heritage. You can search across all collections from virtually every page on the site by typing in a keyword in the search box at the top right hand corner of each page. There are several hundred images from the Great War. [Recommendation by canadawwi][CEF Study Group - July 2006]


Great War in a Different Light

Accounts and Galleries from Great War Books and Magazines with more than 6000 Authentic Period Photos, Illustrations and News articles. [CEF Study Group]


Imperial War Museum - Trench Map and Trench Map CD

This selection of 175 large-scale (1:10,000 or approximately 6-inches to 1 mile) trench maps has been made from the collection of the Imperial War Museum, enabling us to provide almost complete coverage of the British section of the Western Front in the 1914-18 war, from the North Sea at Nieuport in Belgium southwards to St. Quentin. They form a most useful database for historians, GCSE and A-level students, battlefield tours, family history researchers, etc., and everyone interested in the First World War. [CEF Study Group - July 2006]


1914-18 Trench Maps by Peter Chasseaud FRGS

The author is the Hon. Archivist of the Defence Surveyors Association is at present working on a comparative study of British, French and German mapping in the First World War. This website covers the history, background of the evolution of the “trench map” and includes comments on their use in specific major battles. It is good, quick overview of the Trench Maps and includes demos on use. [iWM- Trench Map Archives][CEF Study Group – Updated Oct 2008]

Trenches on the Web - Map Room

Twenty-five general maps of the Great War. [CEF Study Group - July 2006]


The Geography of the Great War - Frank M. McMurray, Ph.D., New York, The MacMillan Co. 1919

An interesting presentation of the original book in digital form. It is a large document and loads slowly; however, it presents the geography of the Great War from a 1919 perspective. [CEF Study Group - July 2005]


World War I Maps - US Military Academy

The Department of History at the United States Military Academy began developing a series of campaign atlases to aid in teaching cadets a course entitled, "History of the Military Art." [CEF Study Group - July 2005]


Paths of Glory Website - Trench Map Section

This website is part of Croonaert Research and contains a wide range of information and research services primarily for the BEF researcher. However, there is a simple and clear presentation on the type of BEF mapping and trench maps from 1914 until 1918. Croonaert is a regular contributor on the Great War Forum. [CEF Study Group - April 2005]


Australian War Memorial - Gallipoli Mapping

This high quality website contains landing maps, cemetery maps, Turkish maps and Trench maps. The presentation techniques are highly innovative and should be viewed. Quality of this website is exceptional - all other government websites should look at the techniques used on this site. Highly recommended. [CEF Study Group - May 2005]


The New York Public Library - Digital

The NYPL Digital Gallery provides access to over 415,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the collections. This section includes a wide selection of German World War I photographic postcards. [CEF Study Group - Dec 2005]


George Eastman House - Still Photograph Archive

This part of a larger photographic website contains an index and access to 510 selected images from Turkey and soldiers of the Ottoman Empire just prior to and during the Great War. [CEF Study Group - Dec 2005]



This website features the Shuttleworth Aircraft Collection photos, Verdun battlefield visit photos, a Verdun map project, the Somme 1916 map project and the 1914-1918 War Memorials (Kriegerdenkmäler) for the Rheingau. Some interesting map-work to be looked at. [CEF Study Group - Mar 2006]


Imperial War Museum – Collections on-line

A photograph search database with access to a very large number of photographs, reference numbers and copyright status. This website will be of value to serious researchers and authors looking for unique and specific photographs. [CEF Study Group - April 2006]


World War I Black and White Photos – Smith Family

This simple website contains approximately 60 personal photographs featuring images from the trenches, women in wartime, training camp, miscellaneous photographs, Armentieres in 1914-15, Charlerio in 1919 and some German photographs.[Recommendation by Fedelmar - GWF][CEF Study Group – Dec 2006]


Russian Eastern Front Photographic Website

This website, mostly with Russian text but some English translations, provides some very unique photographs of the Eastern Front. I cannot recall viewing any of these photographs from any other source. [Recommendation by Fedelmar - GWF][CEF Study Group – Dec 2006]


Great War Digital – LineMan Software Mapping Package – 1:10,000 Scale

The company has scanned over 750+ trench maps, historical maps and documents by digital scanning and then applied both GPS references and the ability to present and manipulate in 3-D. The system has the capability to work on a PC/ Laptop or on PDA devices. The product is expensive and personal reviews on the product will be sought. However, as battle planning and operations, artillery fire and ground movements were based on this type of mapping; the LinesMan product could reveal a different perspective on the study of the Great War. [CEF Study Group – Dec 2006]


Images by Capt. F. Hurley – Great War

The simple image website features 127 photographic images of Capt. F. Hurley in a simple list of topics ranging from primarily from the British sector on the Western Front and Palestine. [CEF Study Group – Nov 2007]


World War 1 Photographic Collection - UBC

In the 1930s, the UBC Library received from the British Consulate in Seattle a set of approximately 6,000 photographic prints depicting multi-faceted views of World War I. In 2006, the UBC Library digitized approximately 1,000 images from its collection. Researchers interested in these and other World War I images are encouraged to come to Rare Books and Special Collections to view the rest of the collection and they can also refer to the IWM Photograph Database. [Recommended by Chris Bostwick, CEF Study Group – Oct 2008]


World War I Photograph Album - Henry Eglinton Montgomery Suckley

A small website with about 75 interesting Great War photographs associated with the American Expeditionary Force from the Hudson River Valley Heritage archive collection. [Recommended by Chris Bostwick][CEF Study Group – Oct 2008]


World War I Military Maps & Aerial Photography - McMaster University

Lloyd Reeds Map Collection of World War I Military Maps with an index for 1:5,000 to 1:40,000 Scale maps. Some unique maps and aerial photographs. [Recommended by Chris Bostwick][CEF Study Group – Oct 2008]


The Holsinger Studio Collection – AEF Great War Photographs

A University of Virginia special collection of almost 500 Great War photographs of the American


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This clip is one of my favourites: Canadians at Shorncliffe.

This one Canucks in training shows them in the WW1 training trenches which are still in existence, and at the end of the clip you can just make out Shorncliffe Military Cemetery in the background.


When you click on your link, do you think that the building at the top of the page with the soldiers in front could be martello tower No9 Sandy Lane Shorncliffe? I know that during WW1 it was used for bridge building over the moat by engineers and that the training trenches in that area went quite close to it.

Just wondered what your thoughts were because if it is, its a great photo with local interest.



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