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Remembered Today:

German Athletes Killed

Steve Bramley

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I found this in a local newspaper archive today. I expect it would have been circulated nationally. Does anyone know anything about these men?

'British sports and athletics of all kinds have paid their toll in the war and France and Belgium too have lost many noted sportsmen. Germany, however has also a long list of such losses to lament as the following reveals, many of the casualties having occured on the Russian front :-

Merten 'Soccer' player, severely wounded, amputated left leg.

Weigen, crack athlete of great promise-killed.

Willy Ulrich, international 'Soccer' player-killed.

Max Dettinger, Pforzheim crack player- killed.

Paul Kalivent, premier hockey player of S.C. Charlottenburg- killed on the British front.

Paul Neumann, champion middle distance runner of the north- killed.

John Wedde, winner of the classical Vienna-Berlin race in 1911- killed.

Richard Voight famous 'soccer' player of Berliner Hertha, undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best German player- killed in Galacia.

W. Noack, Berliner B R- killed.

P H Forner, Potsdam player- severely wounded.

R. von Bonninghausen, ex champion of Germany for the 110 metres (hurdles)- wounded.

R.Heback, one of the most popular referees- killed.

Niemann F.C. Bocholt- prisoner of war in France.

Paul Vogt, goalkeeper for Steffiner S.C,- killed.

Brune Wendt, centre half of the same club- missing unofficially stated to be killed.

Hans Elchler, player of Dresden- killed.

Karl Brittrich and Paul Haedtke, premier players of Berlin, both killed.'

Hope this is of interest,


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There were threads on footballers and rugby stars killed.. it shows what a high price everyone paid on all sides


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