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German Units around Rouex / Fampoux area


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Can anyone assist with the German units dug in around Rouex / facing British 4th and 9th Division at Fampoux around the dates given. I believe Bavarian units were in the area, although possibly further south.

Thanks in advance. John

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Hi John!

I have two maps. One of the 9th and the other of the period from 11th-15th.

In the area of Roux/Fampoux I can´t see any british troops at the 9th. Only the german 11th and 14.bav. Divisions.

Later from 11th-15th the german 18th, 26th and 17th.bav. Divisions stood there against the british troops. Note: the divisions not marked as bav. were not bavarians.


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Hi Andy

Thanks for the reply, very helpful, would it be possible for you to send me an electronic copy of the maps you have? I have a number of British maps showing the German trenches which I would be happy to send you.


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