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Loyal North Lancs


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I posted an unidentified 2 photos on the 'Uniforms etc' thread cut from a group shot.

PBRydon has kindly identified them as Loyal North Lancs.

As only 2 of the 7 soldiers are wearing cap badges and they all look very young I am inclined to guess that they are part of one of the service battalions.

Having looked at the History of the Service Battalions I find that the 7th, 8th and 10th battalions were all disbanded in France in February 1918. Was this due to a reorganisation enforced by the shortage of replacements or is there another reason. I also note that the 9th were disbanded in August 1918, was that for a simliar reason?

I wonder how men felt being transfered to another regiment?

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I wouldn't guess on such flimsy evidence. It is more likely that the photos were taken in England shortly after the men were recruited.

It could be that they are territorials, possibly even pre-war.

The Feb 1918 disbandments were due to the number of battalions in each brigade being reduced from 4 to 3. Many of the men from these battalions were distributed to other battalions of their regiment.


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