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Driver (Pte) Edward Maginness


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Firstly Hi folks as I'm a new member here. My name is Paddy Maginness and I hail from Newry, Co Down.

I have recently begun to research my family history and through some old documents that my sister possessed I have discovered that my grandfather was a member of the Royal Field Artillery during WWI (1914-1919). Through pointers from this site and a temporary membership of Ancestry.co.uk, I have been able to access almost 50 documents relating to his service but I have now hit some snags.

His name was Edward Maginness (misspelt McGuinness and other derivates) and his Regimental No. is 31461 but most of the documents I have relate to him being sentenced (initially) to 15 years in a military prison (possibly No. 3 Military Prison), then this being commuted to 2 years hard labour before being remitted after various good conduct reports. There is no indication of what he was convicted of.

I have a copy of Army Form B2505(?) but it's been through the mill and is practically illegible relating to his service. From what I can ascertain, he joined up on 23.12.14 and was posted to 26th Reserve Battery located in Athlone, Ireland on 31.12.14. Next he was posted to 16th "something" (looks like DW Arty) on 05.02.15 and then posted to RFA C/88 on 16.07.15. The next entry I can make out is dated 23.08.19. Another paper shows his unit as C Bty, 83rd brigade and his date of sentence as 05.03.18 with a date of release as 04.02.19. when he rejoined his company. I then have papers with the following designations on them: 18th Div. Art (18th Disional Packet - HQ No. 3 Area) - I presume this is some sort of administrative division (?); 2nd Army R.A. Reception Camp (on 18.07.19), 245th (W.R.) Brigade RFA, "z" Horse Depot, Neufchatel on 04.08.19. These seem to be general transfer papers. His sentence was remitted on 27.11.19 by the Commandant, Boulogne District.

I suppose reallistically I have two main questions: Where can I find out details of the military proceeds and what he was convicted of and also where would I look for anything relating to his service prior to his conviction? I can't find anything further on Ancestry and have had no promising hits in the National Archives.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry if this is long-winded.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Paddy,

Welcome to the forum

Do you have his MIC from the national archives ?

It's here and downloadable for "£2, but if you have ancestry membership you can get it for free - http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documen...;resultcount=41


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Hi Grant and thanks for the reply.

MIC I take it is Medal Index Card? I got it from both sources although on Ancestry his reg no. is incorrectly listed as 31464 and not 31461. It's the same card though.

It doesn't really give me any further pointers as far as I can see. Is there something I'm missing?


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