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Date of "John Bull" newspaper bombing in London?

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Can anyone help me pinpoint the exact date on which the "John Bull" newspaper in London was bombed in early 1918? That would enable me to date a letter from my grandfather where he says: Every night an attempted raid. The Germans have to come this way in order to get to London. They got through on Mon. and Tues. night, creating quite a lot of damage. John Bull's place was blown to pieces, and it was in this "air raid shelter" that all the people got either injured or killed. There is a lot of talk about it.

Thanks very much!


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The Times reports on

: 29th Jan 1918. "London was raided by German aeroplanes last night between 9 and 10. Machines crossed the Kent and Essex coasts shortly after 8 and made for the capital. One of them was brought down by our airman in Essex. A further raid was made on London after midnight, bombs being dropped about 12.30"

: 31st Jan 1918 that "owing to fire John Bull would not be published this week untill tomorrow"


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