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12th Battalion Cheshire Regiment - Help


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Hi all,

I'm struggling to find anything on the 12th Cheshire's at all.

The Regimental history has only one or two paragraphs saying they were mainly in reserve.

I have aquired the medal group of a particular 12th Battalion man who was awarded the DCM and Italain medal of valour for actions in Salonika. Obviously he didn't win these whilst in reserve !

It is a fighting citation.

I would appreciate any info at all. No matter how small - info from a book, war diary, or anything else ?

Many thanks


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Any clue from the citation wording or date?

The Battalion's main action was at Pip Ridge in September 1918 - an account on my website if it ties in for you.


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Hi John,

Here is his Citation for the DCM


Pte 13622: F Shaw (Top left of page)

Luckily his service papers have survived and it looks like the DCM was awrded for an action dated 26.04.1917

His Italian gallantry medal is for an action early 1917 but I'm not convinced it is for the same action ?

The LG date for it is 31.08.1917

It is mentioned on his records as early as 05.03.1917 !

That's hy I was asking for any info at all !!!

I am trying to peice together what the Battalion was doing and when but feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall.

I need to get to the museum but am struggling to get a day off work and find a babysitter lol.

All the best


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Yes, a look at the diary may help - although possibly not in the case.

I've got a guy (John Kenealy) who died of wounds on the 28th. Possibly the same incident but your guess is as good as anyone's. The notes I have from my trawl of the diary at Chester is that there were no incidents of significance in April and there's no mention of casualties for several days before Kenealy's death.

It'll be worth tracking the diary forward through to the Gazette date to see if there's any mention of Shaw getting his medal - might be mention that confirms date of the action. Give me a shout if you find owt as it might be something to add to Kenealy's story.

Good luck


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Hello Neil, this isnt much but I hope it helps.

The Salonika Force dug-in until the summer of 1916, by which time the international force had been reinforced

and joined by Serbian, Russian and Italian units. The Bulgarian attempt at invasion of Greece in July was

repulsed near Lake Doiran. At the beginning of Oct 1916, the British in co-operation with her allies on other parts

of the front, began operations on the River Struma towards Serres. The campaign was successful with the

capture of the Rupell Pass and advances to within a few miles of Serres.

During 1917, there was comparatively little activity on the British part of the front in Macedonia, due in part to

complex political changes in Greece throughout the year. The main fighting took place around Lake Doiran,

where the line was adjusted several times by each side early in the year. In April 1917, the British attacked,

gained a considerable amount of ground and resisted strong counter-attacks. In May, the Bulgarians attacked

the British positions, but were firmly repulsed. The British action in May triggered a series of attacks elsewhere

on the front by the other Allies, known as the Battle of Vardar

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LLT states following for the 22nd Div.:


10-18 August 1916: the Battle of Horseshoe Hill

13-14 September 1916: the Battle of Machukovo


24-25 April and 8-9 May 1917: the Battles of Doiran

My gandfather was in the 115th Brigade RFA, 26th Division which was in the same Corps (XII) as the 22nd Division. The war diary for his unit spanning his time on the Doiran front outlines that infantry patrols/raids and enemy artillery bombardments were pretty continuous through out Jun 1916 to Mar 1917. During this period the 26th Div. fought in two battles: Horseshoe Hill and Mamelon.

I don't know about Battle of Machukovo but the town (Macukovo) is located near the Vadar River so I guess this is the area where the 22nd Div. was located. Based on this I assume the XII Corps sector extended from the Vadar River to Lake Doiran and at the time of battle of Machukovo the 22nd Div. was on the left and I know from the war diary (and Battle of Mamelon) the 26th Div. was on the right. The 27th Div. may have been in reserve or in the centre. If correct the distance of this sector would have been about 5 miles which would fit two divisions with a divisional frontage of 4400 yards, which is about right.

Note that the Divisions would likely have rotated around if it was a two divisional front. From the war diary the 115th Brigade RFA was relieved by the 99th Brigade RFA, 22nd Div. on 22 March 1917 which may mean the 22nd Div. relieved the 26th Div. in the eastern sector of the front line around the end of March 1917. It had not previously been relieved since entering the front line.

As some of this is suposition open to being "shot down" :-)


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