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King's Royal Rifle corps

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I am new to the forum and just wondered if anyone could help by advising me of the battles/ engagements of the King's Royal Rifle Corps which involved mustard gas. The reason for asking is that my grandfather was a memebr of the KRRC and I know that he was gassed and so poorly that his mother was sent for and came to France as they thought he would die. Thankfully he rallied and lived until Jan 1978.

Also, are there any sites or books about the Kings Royal Rifle Corps ?

Much obliged for your help with this.


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Its a big regiment and a big subject about which surprisingly little has been written.

You could try looking at the "Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps vol 5" published by Naval and Military Press.

Also "The King's Royal Rifle Corps" by Herbert Fairlie Wood though this is history of the regiment from its foundation in 1755. Its only 150 pages long and just 17 cover the 25 battalions which fought in WW1. Contact me off forum if you would like a photocopy.

The KRRC won 8 VC's , won 71 battle honours and lost 12,284 killed. If you go to

this page on Chris' main site you will find a list of the various battalions and the engagements they fought in.

My own interest is in the 8th battalion - if during your research you happen upon anything to do with 8 KRRC I would be delighted to hear from you.



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I know this is an old post, but the topic relates to my own research on KRRC in 1915...

The War Diary for 2/KRRC details how the battalion used gas on the morning of 25 September 1915. This was the British first use of gas; the wind changed direction and B Company was put out of action by the gas drifting back to our own line. At leasr 75 men were gassed. If you know the date he was wounded or invalided out you could trace the day he was wounded in the War Diaries that can be downloaded from the National Archives...

Sept 25th 1915

Everything ready for the assault.

The gas expert reports wind favourable.

4:40 am

Gas turned on and fired smoke shell from Stokes gun (Those guns got done in. In one the copper collar burst and charge burst in the other. We got off about 30 rounds between the 2).

6 am

The wind changed all the gas blew back especially on to B Coy. All ranks had smoke helmets on (old pattern ordered to be used) Consequently part of B Coy were gassed. not all very bad but it put them out of action. Reported to Bde. Ordered to attack 6:34 am, Wind got better at 6:20 am and gas turned on again.

6:34 am

Battn got out and moved forward to the assault. Battn HQ with the Battn. Could see nothing for smoke and gas between the hills. Very difficult to find direction. Most people choking. On reaching the wire it was discovered that it was not cut, being low and wide.

On the left of the Battn troops started to go back. This left the Battn as there was a gap of 500' to our right unattacked. The Battn had to fall back. A rally was made on the left and we went forward again. Gas from the 15th Divn drifted up to us and it was necessary to go back to our 1st line. On the right he 15th Divn got through and could be seen streaming through LOOS to Hill 70 on the left in the 7th Divn area. The German line was taken. There was then only the unbroken gap in front of 2 Bde.

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