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Accommadation around Verdun


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Should be visiting Verdun for the first time in March and am looking for either B&B or reasonable priced Hotel that offers a twin room.Anyone have any recomendations.

Also apart from the Fort and Ossuary what are the other must see's in your experience's.

Regards Tubbs

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We stayed in the Prunellia for a couple of nights last summer - nothing too fancy but perfectly fine. It is not in the centre of town, but is within walking distance of a couple of restaurants. If you search the forum, you should find other suggestions.

As well as Fort Douamont and the Ossuary, I'd recommend the museum at Fleury, and following some of the footpaths that lead from there - you can see the remains of the village of Fleury nearby. I also found the area where Col Driant was killed very interesting - you can see his command post and grave there.

There have been loads of threads over the years on visiting Verdun, so I'm sure you'll find all the information you need.

Enjoy your trip


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